samedi 14 février 2015

Akhal Teke tack, part 1

After a time of "nothing to do", someone posted on the French model horse forum a couple of images of a kind of medieval tack but also an Akhal Teke traditional tack. it makes me think about my capacity to make one for my own Akhal stallion, Elrohir Felagund (in fact, his name is elvish for "Fire Legend"). and after a lot of researches, voilà!
Just the first part, all the bling is still missing and I need to recut the breast collar, which is a bit too large comparing to real ones. I made the choice of "just" three collars but I have seen horses with 4 or 5 collars on their neck. Unfortunately, I don't have any Akhal Teke resin, but I think I will add it to my wishlist because it os a very fascinating and beautiful breed, even for me, a real baroque horses fan!

I also have restocked my nailheads to decorate the set, and ask for samples of three different kinds of leather laces. I have other projects on my to-do list, including a Friesian presentation bridle.

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