mercredi 27 mai 2015

New tack pieces and some kind of show

Last week, a historic figures show was held in Coueron, France and I was here to show my horses on my mother's club table. In France, model horse hobby is quite new, we are just a few of serious collectors and we really try to find our place in our country. This show was really interesting, with a lot of beautiful figures and a lot of meetings. In fact, I was invited to the Sèvres figures show and not just to expose.

Giant horses with mini humans

I also continue making tack. I made a bridle for my Hart of Thor resin, a new western saddle pad and my first saddleseat saddle. I am quite satisfied with it and I think I just need a few work to make correct ones and maybe, other english saddles. For my customers, I finished the red and tan portuguese set, began an other set green and tan, and finally, a silver and black bridle.

 The historic set is also finished, and has been sent to its owner who painted for me my Holly Grail: the Stone half-passing warmblood. I received that gorgeous guy which is now mine. I can't believe I finally got him!

And now, I'm waiting for my buckles to finish all my work and make some new projects with a lot of harnesses.